Wireless Installations

Conquest Wildman specialise in every aspect of wireless communication and networking solutions, so from basic wireless connections through to more complex networking projects, our experts can discuss what options are available and more importantly which ones are best suited to your specific requirements.

Whilst Wireless Technology still lacks the sort of transmission rates and bandwidth that you can achieve from data cabling and fibre optic solutions, most businesses still find WiFi to be an integral part of their networking infrastructure. Whether for ease of use where organisations are using laptops, wireless printers and other equipment, or simply if a cabling solution is either impractical or overly expensive, wireless technology remains one of the most important elements of your networking infrastructure.

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Securing your access points is imperative. Whether you require a secure home network, or a fully integrated wireless solution that works with your existing servers we will provide a secure, but user friendly solution.


Across campus, from building to building or from Skyscraper to Skyscraper, we can extend the range of conventional WiFi networks and provide you with a reliable solution.


If WiFi is mission critical or you have a lot of staff using it, then performance will be critical. Ensuring you have the right equipment for the job, configured in the right way is crucial.


Our units are monitored from our central management system, so we can deploy firmware upgrades, change passwords or edit your settings at any time to adjust to your requirements.

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